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Faster your production progress

If you have enough on working overtime, rk0cc's program can reduce your heavy workload with a single package or software only.

Provides quick deploy package

Develop a program but reaching deadline soon? Or feel headache for a bunch of code just for one function? rk0cc can help you with various of package allowing to code less on your program. The packages included process and UI* to simplify the implementation with completed function without wasting time on finding a single error.

*: Flutter only

Transform CLI tools to clickable

Some tools only provides command line interface (CLI) that it is difficult to remember command and could be resulting irreversible damage of OS for non-experience user. Therefore, rk0cc is trying to provide GUI version of the CLI tools that allowing non-experience user can use without risk of entering unexpected command.

A new media choice at prime time

rk0cc also providing media of developer and video games related content to the platform for exchange viewpoint and memes.

Express my viewpoints

rk0cc is looking forward on IT and gaming industries with unique mind. As a result, rk0cc has opened Medium account for publishing stories of guides and advocates on related industries. Thus, Medium allows to exchange your idea and point out the right or wrong of my viewpoint.

Recent stories from Medium
Record (or stream) vlog, recommendation and gameplay

rk0cc is a "amateur" gamer which only focus on game progress and may possibility upload some gameplay clip if able. However, the videos is mainly focus on developing related at most which sharing about skill of developing and some recommendations tools and other stuff.

(Coming soon)

Donate to support my industry

rk0cc's program is open sources, and no additional charge required when uses. Therefore, donation is my main income method that the following project is rely on the amount of donation.

Also, rk0cc will provide premium media content which required become a member which pay monthly in the platform which receive rk0cc's following project as fast as possible and even get compiled beta build of development project.

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